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Tanvi Dogra takes the fasting route to essay devotee’s role in &TV’s Santoshi Maa- Sunaye Vrat Kathayein

The concept of fasting has majorly been driven by religious values but with time, it has become widely popular for various health benefits across the globe. While spiritual connection might be one of the reasons to consider, the health factor behind this route has often been the highlight for many to opt for this lifestyle. Actress Tanvi Dogra who has played varied roles across television is a new member to the regular fasting club and is on her ‘game on’ mode to try the intermittent fasting route. Soon to essay an ardent Santoshi Maa devotee’s character in &TV’s new socio-mythological fiction, Santoshi Maa – Sunaye Vrat Kathayein, Tanvi says that taking up the challenge of fasting is one of the ways for prepping for her character. A spiritual person at heart, Tanvi has been keeping an occasional fast for religious reasons since the last 2 years. Having heard of the various health benefactors, the actress decided to challenge herself to keeping regular fasts, consuming just a single wholesome meal during the day. Busting the various myths surrounding fasting, Tanvi said, “The biggest myth I have heard is that fasting is as good as starving and I feel that’s a misconception. To me, fasting is not just keeping yourself away from food but also mentally keeping your mind pure and away from negativity. It is a process of detoxifying yourself by opening one’s mind to fresh and positive thoughts.” Speaking about a routine she has developed, Tanvi said, “I have recently started intermittent fasting regularly where I begin my day by meditating for 10 minutes. During the entire day, I literally carry a bottle of water with me and keep drinking plenty of water to keep myself hydrated. Because I shoot for long hours, I decided to keep 1 meal of my day during lunch where I eat a healthy, nutritious and filling meal that would keep me for going for a while.” Adding further about her reason to begin, Tanvi said, “Initially I had slight apprehensions before stepping into this character primarily because I was unsure of how to really depict the spiritual person within me. Following the fasting norms somewhere helps me delve into the skin of the character while the meditation helps me a maintain the spiritual connection. It’s a challenge which I hope to excel in.” Known as the Goddess of love, peace, sacrifice, goodwill, and contentment, Santoshi Maa possesses many mystical powers and is believed to spend most of her time on earth where she helps her devotees bring order to their disorder. Bringing back the magic with a new tale on how Santoshi Maa instills the true reasons and beliefs behind fasting and proper ways of worshiping, &TV is set to launch its newsocio-mythology show Santoshi Maa – Sunaye Vrat Kathayein that conveys a strong message of ultimate triumph for the sincerely devoted. Making a comeback as the mythological figure of Santoshi Maa will be Bollywood actress Gracy Singh while essaying the character of her ardent devotee, Swati will be actress Tanvi Dogra. Santoshi Maa – Sunaye Vrat Kathayein coming soon on &TV
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