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DDLJ style Karvachauth in &TV’s Gudiya HumariSabhi Pe Bhari

The one-day festival of KarvaChauth celebrated by women is an auspicious event where, they observe a fast and pray for the safety and longevity of their husbands. Not only that, it has always been depicted as the most romantic sequence in many iconic Bollywood movies. What got this festival to be more popular was the iconic 1995 movie DDLJ – Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayegewhere Simran (Kajol) observed a fast for Raj (Shahrukh Khan), and he came clandestinely dressed in a white attire to break her fast. It was one of the classic Bollywood movie scene that got everyone smitten over the sweet ritual. Attempting to replicate the scene once again, our pyaariSweety Bhabhi (Shweta Rajput) from &TV’s Gudiya HumariSabhi Pe Bhari has the same wish for her first KarvaChauth in the Gupta family, to celebrate it like Simran and Raj and dress like a bride once again. But Sarla being the strict mother-in-law (Samta Sagar) disapproves of this idea as she strongly believes that KarvaChauth is a Punjabi festival and they follow and celebrate the festival of Teej. She dismisses her wish saying Karvachauth is just a modern-day shenanigan and nothing else and the family should stick to traditions. But Sweety is adamant and finds Gudiya (Sarika Bahroliya) coming to her rescue to which the latter promises her that she will make her first karvaChauth a memorable one. Always looking at the most complicated things in a simple way, Gudiya lovingly explains her mother that when the same moon shines over Punjab and Madhya Pradesh equally why should there be a difference between the same kind of festivities. With this the family begins preparations of the most beautiful festival. Talking about the festival Sarika says, “We live in a country that is immensely rich with its varied culture and I believe the way we enjoy all the holidays these festivities bring why not also celebrate it with the same fervour and joy irrespective of which religion or region we belong to. KarvaChauth and Teej are similar in so many aspects so why not celebrate both? Highlighting this message in a subtle manner in Gudiya HumariSabhi Pe Bhari while also bringing in a little Bollywood quotient to it,viewers are definitely in for a visual treat”. Witness the beautiful festivity of KaravaChauth DDJL style on Gudiya HumariSabhi Pe Bhari every Mon-Fri at 9.30 Pm only on &TV
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