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Baalveer Returns!

Baalveer captured the imagination of millions across the country with his bravery and courage. Now, the magical journey of Baalveer is all set to enthral fans yet again as Sony SAB gets ready to premiereits exceptional fantasy drama Baalveer Returnsfrom September 10 at 8 PM.It will also be available on SonyLIV in the morning before the televised airing for all its premium subscribers.Fans will get to see Dev Joshi who returns as Baalveer in a completely new avatar, battling bigger evil forces than ever. Produced by Optimystix Production, the show will be action-packed with wizardry andsuperpowersto keep viewers intrigued. With some of the best in class visual effects and cutting-edge stunt work, Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns will surely wow audiences with its gripping storyline, dazzling sets and brilliant performances. Set against the backdrop of the two mystical worlds of Veer Lok and Kaal Lok, this magical ride of epic proportions will showcase Baalveer on a journey, this time with some exciting new companions. This show will witness the boy wonderDev Joshi, who is now grown up, on a quest to find a successor worthy enough to carry on his legacy,following the complete annihilation of erstwhile Pari Lok. Little does he know that his answer lies on earth in the form of Vivaan, to be portrayed by the very adorable Vansh Sayani. But Vivaan, on the other hand, is unaware of the fact that he is the chosen one and does not believe in the concept of superheroes. Baalveer has it in him to mentor this mischievouskid, their struggle to unite and work with each other is going to be one to watch out for.For Vivaan, the challenge would be to responsibly take on the mantle and use his powers wisely. With Baal Pari and other beautiful yet highly powerful fairies by his side, Baalveer will have to face his biggest challenge yet -the evil forces of Kaal Lok led by Timnasa played by Pavitra Punia. Besides adding turbulence to Baalveer’s life,Timnasa’s ultimate aim is to become a dictator and rule the entire universe however is unable to take over Earth due to her biggest and most powerful challenger, Baalveer. With her evil intentions of tyranny,she is ready to do anything and everything conceivable to destroyBaalveer and be the most powerful being that exists. The show also boasts a distinguished lineup of stars including Sharmilee Rajas Baal Pari. Shreedhar Watsar in the double role of Duba Duba and Tauba Tauba. Khushi Mukherjee as Jwaala Pari, Amika Shail as Vaayu Pari, Anuradha Khaira as Dhwani Pari, Krutika Desai as Masti Pari, Bhaweeka Chaudhary as Paani Pari, Aditya Sidhu as Bhaymar andAtul Verma as Jabdali. The show will also have two magical characters namely Shaurya, the white lion guiding Baalveer and Akroor, the evil Black Panther.
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