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VIP Industries launches’50 – 50’ campaign

The iconic ‘KalBhi, AajBhi, KalBhi VIP’ is back! VIP Industries, leaders in luggage industry andsynonymouswith travel since 1971, launches their new advertisement to commemorate 50 golden years in India.Thisnew futuristic ad campaign with a completely modern twistfeatures superstarHrithik Roshan and highlights VIP as a perfect travel partner of India for generations. To celebrate this special year, the brand has launched the 50-50 campaign, whereVIP industries is offering an exciting 50% discount on their selectproduct folio including VIP, Aristocrat, Carlton, Skybags. Creatively conceptualized and executed by Whyness, the TVCbeautifully encapsulates how the luggage brand has always been a trusted companion for travelers around the world.The ad simply depicts that while the mode of transportation has evolved from trains, to aero-planes to space shuttles,VIP has been the luggage of choice since India started to travel and will continue to be the ideal companion in the future too. The fresh twist to the iconic jingle ‘kalbhiaajbhikalbhi’will certainly ring the nostalgic bell for many viewers. Speaking about the concept and his experience of working for this campaign, Brand Ambassador, Hrithik Roshan says, “VIP is a brand thatgoes back to my childhood, I have grown up listening to the KalBhi, AajBhi, KalBhi VIP jingle. It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of an iconic campaign as this. I would like to congratulate the brand on its 50th year, as they continue to create more memories for travelers.” SudipGhose, Senior Vice President – Sales, Marketing and Service, V.I.P Industries says,“This is a very exciting year for us at VIP Industries, as we complete 50 years of being market leaders in the luggage industry.From a single brand to offering a diverse product portfolio across multiple brands, VIP industries has come a long way. And we have only our customers to thank for all the love and supportthey would have shown us. Therefore we are doing our bit by offering 50% discount on our select ranges.Wehope to continue our endeavor to manufacture world class products and provide numerous different offerings to make travel simple and convenient for millions of people around the world in the future. We completed 50 and are ready for the next 50.” Speaking from a creative perspective Ravi Deshpande, Chairman, Whyness says,““This ad is a celebration of VIP's '50% off on its 50th anniversary' offer. Bringing together Hrithik Roshan and a contemporary version of the classic VIP jingle make the ad just right for the occasion. This is a 360 degrees campaign, covering all major TV channels, radio stations, OOH sites and social media platforms.
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