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A MukhiyaLike None Other Age old traditions get shaken up by an unconventional political candidate in STAR BHARAT’s– ‘NimkiMukhiya’

Sanskari, righteous, sacrificing Hindi serial female protagonistshave always been the focal point of most Indian TV shows. However, for the first time Star Bharat brings a female character who is truly one-of-a kind. Nimki is the princess of a poor father. She sees the world through rose tinted glasses and lives in her Bollywood inspired day dreams. Despite the drudgeries of the mundane village life, she is whimsical and full of live. Nimki is marriage obsessed, slightly neurotic, highly opinionated and most importantly far removed from politics. But, by a chance of faith and a new government regulation she finds herself elected as the first female mukhiya of her village. And, this outlandish yet gregarious girl soon finds herself amidst conspiracies far beyond her understanding. While various individuals flock with the plans to manipulate her, Nimki’s eccentricities leave them baffled. This new show on STAR BHARAT, a channel that showcases inspirational stories about journeys of strong and fearless characters who rise for the collective,draws inspiration from the life and times of rural India’s political state but in a never seen before fresh and lightmanner. It introduces a quirky protagonist, who is a misfit in the power hungry world of politics but in her own bumbling way manages to bring about a better, new normal. Produced by Qissago the show highlights the journey of Nimkiwho breaks stereotypes and in her bumbling way challenges the status quo. To ensure that the essence of Bihar and the village where the show is plotted is kept intact, the makers have gone in-depth into the nuances of characters, the body language, the costumes and the dialect. The hinterland audiences will feel at home with the show as it packs a punch by being closest to reality. Lead actor IndraneilSengupta aces his character and debutant BhumikaGurung marks a very promising debut. The acclaimed TV writer Zaman Habib on his debut as a producer said, “The concept of NimkiMukhiya is unusual and different from what we have seen on television so far. This show will resonate with every Indian as it has a straight connect with the heartland where absolute autocracy and male dominancy continues. Our characterNimki is the USP of the show who is a complete entertainment package.Nimki is brave yet Naïve, entrepreneurial yet lazy, dramatic yet loving. The show traces the journey of this unconventional hero who brings a twist to the established political scenario of Bihar.” While political change is the need of the hour. For resurgence to happen – traditions need to be challenged. But can deep sated societal problems be successfully tackled by an unorthodox hero? Would you have supported a slightly out of box mukhiya? To show your support for Nimki, tune in to Star Bharat on Monday to Friday at 8:30 p.m.
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