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A small spark can lead to a big fire – Congress MLAs appealed to Badal to learn from history and act wisely

Chandigarh: Four MLAs of Punjab Congress expressed grave concern on Akali Dal trying to create a law & order situation in Haryana. S. Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, S. Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa, S. Sukhbinder Singh Sarkaria and S. Ramanjit Singh Sikki said in a joint statement that we as Sikh Congressman have seen the situation of Punjab decorating in the past when a small spark lead to a big fire which engulfed Punjab for a very long time. They said that S. Parkash Singh Badal is trying to cover-up the complete failure of his Government on all fronts by raking this issue for his own political advantage. They said that if Badal and Akali Dal has any reservation or opposition to the decision taken by the Haryana Vidhan Sabha and the Governor, they should approach the Hon’ble Supreme Court for pleading their case. Rather than creating law & order situation in Haryana by sending his armed gundas in the gurdwara of Haryana. The Congress MLAs expressed surprise as to by Badal has never shed even a single tear on the death of thousands of youth due to drugs and thousands of farmers who committed suicide. They said that Punjab has got back peace after very long time and after paying heavily and the Akali Dal should not make Haryana a arena of their political motive and fight. They warned that they should not create a wedge between the Hindu, Sikh of Haryana and Punjab. Badal should immediately call back his armed gundas from Haryana and take legal recourse by approaching the Hon’ble Supreme Court. They also appealed to Sh. Narender Modi Prime Minister of India not to fall in the political trap of S. Parkash Singh Badal who is trying to make clever and mischievous political moves. The congress MLAs warned that if the situation in Haryana is not properly handled then the entire North India may have to pay a price for this political maneuvering of Akali Dal.
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