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Time for Modi and Sukhbir to accept reality in Punjab: Bajwa

Pathankot/Batala/Gurdaspur/Qadian: The Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President, Mr. Partap Singh Bajwa, today said it was high time for the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Mr. Narendra Modi, and the Deputy Chief Minister, Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal to accept the reality of the situation in Punjab where the people were determined to teach a lesson to the ruling alliance dispensation which had turned into a menace which they must get rid of. Mr. Sukhbir Badal should start winding up his party after the election as the Akali Dal-BJP alliance would not be able to capture even a single seat out of thirteen seats, he asserted. He said the only achievement of the immediate and the extended Badal family was amassing of huge wealth during the last few years by misusing official position. Such rate of growth of personal wealth was beyond any comprehension. This was the only development Punjab had experienced. Punjab economy was in crisis with ever increasing debt and farmers committing suicides but for the Badal family, this had been the best period to multiply wealth. He said the Badal family slogan of ‘Raj Nahin Seva’ had turned into ‘Raj for Self Seva’. He said it was the Bathinda seat which was considered to be the fiefdom of the Badal family with Harsimrat Kaur Badal having won from here in the last poll. She was perhaps the only candidate from any party in the state who was now facing such a hostility in village after village which should be eye-opener for her husband, Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal. There was a strong current of anti-incumbency all over the state but the Deputy Chief Minister was unable to read the writing on the wall. He should not forget that he himself had lost in 1999 Lok Sabha election when the state was hit by a similar high tide of anti-incumbency. The PPCC chief said the ruling alliance in this border state had misled Mr. Modi into believing that this was the easiest state to win election. Now Mr. Modi should ask his party candidates like. Mr. Vinod Khanna as to the kind of response he was getting. He pointed out that even some Akali leaders had publicly humiliated Mr. Khanna, what to talk of campaigning for him. “Mr. Modi has promised a central university and a medical institute in Punjab and restructuring of state debts. Perhaps he does not know or does not want to know that the central university which was to be set up in Gurdaspur district was taken to Bathinda district by the Chief Minister, Mr. Parkash Singh Badal. The Badal government had failed to rejuvenate the two prestigious medical institutions at Patiala and Amritsar due to utter neglect and both these institutions are sick. So far as restructuring of state debt was concerned, the then finance minister Mr. Manpreet Singh Badal had to pay the price for initiating this move with the centre in this regard”, he added. Mr. Bajwa said Mr. Modi had also promised to set up a defence academy in the state which was announced by the then prime minister, Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee. He said it was ironic that he was talking of a project which the Badal government had never taken up till now after its announcement in 1999. “Both Mr. Modi and Mr. Badal are talking of the so called discrimination towards Punjab. Can Mr. Badal point out a single request made by the state government which was denied by the UPA government? The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, is on record having said that Badals have never taken up any issue concerning the state with him and they call on him only on private matters”, he said. He maintained both Mr. Modi and Mr. Badal should have the guts to come out with the total hike in the minimum support price of wheat during the NDA regime as compared to the UPA rule. The farmers had never benefitted that much as under the UPA government. He said both these leaders should also have the courage admit that the industrial concessions to the neighbouring states which spelled doom for the industry in Punjab were announced by the NDA government in which Mr. Sukhbir Badal was the minister of state for industries. Mr. Bajwa said it had become a habit with Mr. Badal to resort to blatant lies but the people could not be taken for a ride every time. S. Bajwa held massive road show in Pathankot in which the Congress leaders put up a united show. A meeting was held in Nehru Park Batala also in which all the Congress leaders from Batala were present. S. Bajwa held a road show in Qadian too in his home constituency in which the workers came in large number.
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